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there will be fireworks - the dark, dark bright cd

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Released on Monday 25th November you can preorder at the special price of £8.99 + badge. Ends midnight November 5th when it reverts to £9.99 and no badge ! 

So finally it’s here and what everybody will want to know is is it as good as the first album and was it worth the wait. The first answer is easy. It could never “feel” as good as the first album as no second album ever can if it follows a genuinely stunning debut. This is because the gap between expectation and reality is part of the experience and having no expectation for an album that turns out to be a classic is a rare feeling. The follow up will always have an air of expectation, almost worry that it isn’t a disappointment. I don’t want to give too much away but I can assure you thee are no worries there.   

This is written really for those who have heard the first album. If you haven’t there are currently no physical copies but you can listen to it here Initial comparisons were with the Twilight Sad and for those who remembered them the Whipping Boy but this second album sound like There Will Be Fireworks. No other comparison is necessary.

Nothing else need be said. I don’t want to spoil it for you. I’ve raised your expectations enough. You should buy it and then buy a copy for a friend. Was it worth the wait ? Time will tell. 

1 And Our Hearts Did Beat
2 River
3 Roots
4 Youngblood
5 Ash Wednesday
6 So Stay Close
7 Lay Me Down
8 Here Is Where
9 Your House Was Aglow
10 South Street
11 Elder And Oak
12 The Good Days